Housing a major source of net worth in retirement

Articles you should read

The Hamilton Project recently released a report stating that retirees are becoming more and more dependent on home equity:  Housing Increasingly a source of net worth in retirement 

Cash buyers paying premium prices are making it a difficult market for those obtaining a loan, especially at the middle-class level: Cash buyers and premium prices leave middle-class home seekers locked out 

Thanks to job growth, low mortgage rates and continued investment from both domestic and international sources, Southland sales hit a nine-year high:  Southland home sales hit a nine-year high; prices up 5.5%

According to a recent article on CurbedLA, Los Angeles has the biggest difference between normal travel times and rush hour travel times in the nation- it is 43 percent slower during rush hour than non-peak hours: The worst day and time to drive on every LA Freeway

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