Listing Your Home

The Importance of Setting a Realistic List Price

According to studies performed by, a New Zealand housing web-site and popular American online property web-site, properties receive four times as many views in the first week of being on the market than it does a week later.

“The most important people in the market are serious buyers who are searching online every day and they’re fully aware when a home that might meet their needs becomes available.” Said Alistair Helm, chief executive of whose study looked at 1,100 New Zealand properties during a six-week period in July and August.

The bottom line: If you’re considering listing your house and you’re serious about selling, you’re better off being realistic right from the get-go. Otherwise, you are blowing it, especially in a market facing continuing downward pressure.

Source: LA Times: Set a realistic price from the start when you list your home online

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