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IMPORTANT: City of Los Angeles revises draft of Baseline/Hillside Mansionization Ordinances…check out the changes and voice your feelings

Despite a strong initial push from some frustrated Los Angeles residents who want to curtail the building of larger homes in their neighborhoods, the city planning office has retreated from its initial draft released earlier this year. The loud objections and pleads from residents, developers and architects who felt the draft was extreme and ill-conceived were finally heard.

The initial draft of the Baseline Mansionization Ordinance “BMO” called for counting an attached garage as part of a home’s square footage and only allowing a home to be 45% of the lot size on lots under 7500 square feet and 40% on lots over 7500 sq. ft. In the new draft that was released in late April, these proposals have been scaled back to the original BMO which states a home’s square footage can be 50% of the lot size for lots under 7,500 sq. ft. and 45% on lots over 7500 sq. ft.

However, the new proposal does not allow for any of the 20% bonus that one can currently qualify for by following green building codes, etc., although some areas have already done away with the bonus by passing an interim control ordinance (ICO).

They have also addressed the scale/size of single family homes with the second story of the home only allowed to be 60% of the first floor and deeper side set-backs so it is important that Los Angeles residents familiarize themselves with this proposed ordinance and share your thoughts via e-mail with the city at

This proposal will impact the future value of your property and it is extremely important that you voice any concerns you have with this proposal before the end of May.  Please click here for the revised draft.

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