205 19th street finally sells…for ½ the asking price in 2008!

The two story Spanish brick home in need of major remodeling that sits on the corner of 19th and San Vicente, finally sold for $2.282M, about half of the original asking price of $4.495M in April of 2008.

Many real estate experts thought it would sell for about 2.40M due to the lot size of 12,516 sq. ft. and home sq. ft. of 4,148 despite being located on traffic heavy San Vicente.

The combination of the seller’s finally giving into the reality of the market (should have never been priced in the 4’s or high 3’s for that matter) and the neighborhood finding out that “Bridges To Recovery”, a mental rehabilitation center is now located across the street, ended up further depressing the value of the home.

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