A Look at Sales Volume in Manhattan Beach for October from 2000-2010

Thanks to the Manhattan Beach Confidential blog, they have provided a look at October’s sales pace among Single Family Residences west of Sepulveda and it shows that the past two years are back in line with the pre-bubble volume in 2005.

Both Oct. 2009 and 2010 outperformed the 3 slump years of 2006-2008. That’s in line with the general sense that a local Real Estate recovery of sorts began in Q3 2009.

The question now becomes whether this is a true recovery or the start of a potential double dip. The current economic recovery tells us we may avoid a dip but quite a few developers and higher end property owners are struggling with the reality of the market and will eventually have to throw in the towel and sell for a realistic price.

Source: Manhattan Beach Confidential

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