Significant Rise In Westside/South Bay Sales Compared to Feb 09

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I am not a big fan of comparing months from a year to year basis in terms of median price since a few sales can skew the numbers dramatically. However, comparing February 09 and February 10 sales activity provides clear evidence that activity is much stronger than it was last year and that price points are either stabilizing or trending up for the time being.

The median price information is providd but DO NOT read into median price points dramatic rise in certain area like the Palisades (up 43%) or Hermosa Beach (up 40%) because the sample of homes sold is small. One high-end sale can skew the numbers. Median price information should be looked at over a 6 month or yearly period.

Please note this is data for single family homes and data relating to Condos in a specific zip code is clearly marked.

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