Today’s Luxury Homes Must Haves

What makes a home truly luxurious? Today’s builders are constantly adapting to the needs of future homeowners, staying ahead of design trends but also considering the larger questions of what types of homes will meet the demands of our ever-changing world.

In many ways, true luxury defies definition. There are certain determining factors such as the latest in smart home technology or the best high-end finishes, but what truly takes a home to the next level is both more simple and more complex. What do my friends feel like when they come into my home? Do I have art walls? A comfortable environment?”

The biggest key is the importance of “micro-environments” within the home — picture-perfect settings throughout today’s luxury homes, vignettes that draw the eye and bring a sigh of delight. Here in Los Angeles we prize indoor/outdoor spaces. Smart homes with command centers that can be accessed remotely are increasingly popular because they provide a combination of security and comfort that resonates with today’s buyer.


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