Articles you should read- So Cal rents to jump; Sales pick-up in September; Downtown LA drawing New York investors

Informative articles from the LA Times you should be aware of:

Southern California Rents to climb over the next two years– The average cost of rent over the next two years in Southern California is expected to climb 8% over the next two years. Economists predict vacancy rates to stay low with an improving economy. Wages are not increasing at this rate which could impact whether rates will increase to the predicted level.

Home Sales pick up pace in So Cal for September It’s the latest sign of a housing market that’s reaching equilibrium after years of big swings. Real estate agents and other market watchers this summer have reported growing inventory, price cuts and a shift in the market toward regular buyers, instead of the flood of investors and cash-only purchasers.

Downtown LA real estate is drawing New York Investor’s interest New York investors love the growth potential and recent progress in the multiple dynamics that Downtown LA is offering


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